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Home Catholic Church Music Our Lady Look Down O Mother, Mary

Look Down O Mother, Mary

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Words by St. Alphonsus Liguori
Mary and Child Jesus
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1. Look down, O Mother Mary,
From thy bright throne above;
Cast down upon thy children,
One only glance of love.
And if a heart so tender
With pity flows not o’er;
Then turn away, O Mother,
And look on us no more.

2. See how ungrateful sinners,
We stand before thy Son,
His loving heart upbraids us
The evil we have done.
But, if thou wilt appease Him,
Speak for us but one word;
For thus thou canst obtain us,
The pardon of our Lord.

3. O Mary, dearest Mother,
If thoy wouldst have us live,
Say that we are thy children,
And Jesus will forgive.
Our sins make us unworthy
That title still to bear;
But thou art still our Mother,
Then show a Mother’s care.


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