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One Sharp Scale

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It may be observed, that the human voice has a limited range.   The human voice is grouped in 4 categories, Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass.   Each has a separate stave, but we use most commonly the Treble Stave for Soprano and Alto, and Bass Stave for Tenor and Bass.

The soprano voice range starts at the lower do of the natural scale, and goes up to the upper sol, above the fifth line of the stave.    When music goes out of this range, it has to be transposed on the Keyboard.   When a scale is lowered, thus, we have to use the black keys, to fit the scale formula of 2 full tones followed by a semitone, followed by three full tones, followed by a semitone.  Read the text book which explains it.

When the scale is transposed, the Do of the scale shifts from the natural position.   In one sharp scale, where F or Fa of the keyboard is sharpened, i.e. the black key to the right of Fa is used, and the Do shifts to Sol or G of the keyboard.    In the next exercise, we give an exercise in reading the music in one sharp scale.   Later you will have some common hymns which you can use to familiarize with the scale.

The singer usually develops an association with the name and sound.   Once he gets the new sound of G, and names it as his "Do" rest of the notes fall in place automatically, due to this association.

The chromatic scale

Open Kodaly5 for the exercise in One Sharp Scale

Sing O Come All Ye Faithful in One Sharp Scale

Sing Nearer My God to Thee One Sharp Scale

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