Mangalorean Recipes

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New Book 5 - Part 2

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In this series of exercises, you are presented with the 3/4 rhythm.

Your are also presented with music in different scales, which raise or lower the pitch of the music, to remain within the voice range.

Presently, you will sing in unison, i.e. the same tune for both voices.  In the next few exercises, they will be different for each voice.

Further, these exercises are designed for male and female voices, specifically for Soprano - Tenor group, and some for Alto-Bass group.

If you practice these exercises consciously you will be able to form a choir.    If  your choir members learn to read the music, later on you will have group exercises, where different ranges will blend their voices in a harmony practice.   The choir masters too should be able to learn to read every ones part.   This will help them to guide the inexperienced singers.

What I plan to do, is in a harmony lesson, give individual pages for each voice separately, so that they can practice them on their own on their personal computers, at their own free time, and then come together as a group and practice together.   To facilitate it, I will give one page, with combined voices, and the individual part singer, could practice with it, singing his or her part, and get familiar with singing in harmony.

I hope this will be of help.  If it has been so, can you please write to me, giving your experience.

Open PDF file for notation study, by clicking HERE

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