My Sincere Apologies

W.J.Pais Food for Thought - General Topics

Some weeks back, the Server on which this website is hosted, was intruded upon by some unknown attacker, who modified the index files, as a result for two weeks the website was not available.

Many a well wisher and visitor might have thought that this website was no more available with the result, they have stopped logging in to it.

If by chance, you have a friend who might be interested in knowing that we are back, I would be grateful if you could inform them.

For Music Lovers

Please check in Music Study, where I have introduced online music notation study, with display of score in pdf format with back ground music, to assist you in learning the notation.    You will do much more for your choir by being a literate singer.    If you have a friend or relative who might want to learn music free of charge, please inform them.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you.  

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