Marketing and Packaging

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Websites are a new way to disseminate information, which supports us in living better.  When the information is TRUE then it really helps, but often, half truths embellish our modern information made available on our Media.    Humans have been given a FILTER to sieve information that comes in, but often this filter is clogged with personal likes and dislikes. This may prove fatal in some cases, and those who use the Filter wisely, are often called the Lucky Ones.

The garbage that is off loaded as information, has been increasing ever since the world faught the world wars, when the art of propaganda was  perfected, and after the war, the commercial ventures developed it into the art of packaging and marketing.   Of late, this art has been used to the hilt by the Political agencies.    It was first used in USA to market the War on Terror, and its Shock and Awe became its signal contribution.

After the 2008 debacle, when the US Banks who had funded the venture of War on Terror broke down, they expected the US Government to bail them out.  What was not told, was that it was a quid pro quo.    The winds of this disaster blew into Europe and the poor ones had to pay the maximum price.    Ever since then, it is the poor who are expected to pay the Rich, who are mostly the fund raisers.

What is new in our country, is the power of the marketing and packaging blew all the protective filters of the Indians, and they are now basking in their success.    I will not venture how the show will go on, as I may not be a priviledged viewer to see the Final Show as I feel my days are already numbered.

As a final bow I would ask my fellow countrymen, to keep their Filters always in working order, lest they be caught in their most vulnerable cross roads of life.

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