The Human Taste Bud

W.J.Pais Food for Thought - General Topics

The human being is a stroke of genius, a brilliant idea of a Creator, but he has left certain parts in its brain, which make the human able to make choices, and they may be good or bad.  The Creator will not interfere, but this may lead to consequences, the human race may find difficult to get out of.   At those times, the Creator has intervened, by sending Great Minds, to show the way, but human being for what he is, will choose and sometimes, ignore and then the Creator has to take the second alternative.  Destruction of his work.   Start all over again, from a fresh stock.   Just look at the past, all those forgotten empires, monuments of greatness, all gone.   Why are we so blind.  Here we have a group of people, from all walks of life, so lovingly sharing their good discoveries, all giving tribute to this Creator, who made the Tongue, the Taste Buds, The Flavor, The spices, and a Digestive System.   Thank him, for making us, and let us continue sharing and making this a better world, being true mentors to the ones who are given to us to take care of, our children and their children.   This country can show that it is possible to be united in diversity.

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