Silent Night - Holy Night

Terrence Quadros S.J. Food for Thought - Poems

The excitement of living our daily lives generally includes a fair amount of noise. Living is often loud…. outside of us mostly but even inside of us. Noise and rush are symptomatic of the times we live in… and Christmas is a time for slowing down and silencing out. The journey to Bethlehem was unrushed. The  birth of the Christ child was quiet.

hush gentle dawn
announcement naught
of dazzle zenith sun
creation stills
in welcome awe
of incarnated one

a promise made
the promise kept
new spring is in the air
a broken world
renews again
to Father’s loving care

transcendent God
as cherub child
in lowly manger lays
while shepherds, angels,
earth and skies
in reverence render praise:


“glory to God on high
and peace to all of good will !”

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