Harold's Planet

Terrence Quadros S.J. Food for Thought - Poems

Harold's Planet

Actually the whole universe and all the elements conspire benevolently to give us that balance. One sees that in the stars and planets.

One sees that in plants and animals... in all of nature.

There are times when you do not have to find balance – balance finds you!!

It is important then to be aware of it, surrender to it and enjoy it!

The unbalance and consequent absence of peace is generally of our own making.

True that unfavourable circumstances sometimes knock us down and about but a return to balance is possible.

In the long run all will be well and the peace too will return to us.

Peaceful times for me just now as the term is almost ended. No testing and related counselling. The clock for the SSL rural camp, though, is ticking relentlessly  and I am slowly getting myself and all else ready for yet another challenge.

Balance and peace just now ... and more balance and peace after the camp is over. I am looking forward to that.

May there always be balance for you and an extensive forever peace.

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