Manee a Rice Sweet

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  Measure Ingredients Description:
1 Kilogram Rice, Raw Wash and soak the rice for half an hour.
2 Nos. Coconuts - fresh. Scrape, grind and extract juice
100 Grams Cashew Nuts Cut in small bits
100 Grams Plums Clean and wash.
440 Grams Jaggery Mix with ground rice
2 Salt-Spoon Salt to taste
6 Tablespoon Ghee Apply ghee to the pot and pour batter
2 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder Sprinkle on manee


Wash and soak the raw rice for half an hour. 
Scrape and grind the 2 coconuts and extract 8 to 10 cups of juice.
Blanch and slice the almonds or Cashew nuts, clean and wash the plums. 

Grind the rice fine with a little coconut juice. Remove and mix the ground rice with the remaining juice and jaggery and salt to taste making a thin batter. 

Apply ghee to the inside of a pot, pour batter into it and boil stirring continually. When it thickens add more ghee and boil until it is sticky and cooked for about one hour then add plums, almonds and cardamom powder and stir.

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