Appam with Boiled and Raw Rice

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Quantity: Measure: Ingredients: Description:
4 Teacup Rice, Boiled (ukda chawal) For batter
4 Teacup Rice, Raw For batter
2 Nos Coconuts - fresh. Extract Juice
0.5 Grammes Sugar For taste
A Little Salt For taste
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder For fermentation


Soak both kinds of rice separately overnight, and grind them together in thin juice of 2 coconuts.   Add sugar, baking powder  and salt to taste and beat well the batter.  It is better to add it after the ferment has taken place.  Keep aside for about 3 or more hours to rise depending on the ambient temperature of the room.

Appam frying pan is curved with handles on either side.   A non stick pan can also be used. Apply ghee to the inner side of the pan with half an onion, used as a brush, with a fork pricked to the outer curved side.  When the pan turns hot, put half cup of the batter and cover with a  lid.    Appam should be fried in ten minutes. Remove the Appam from the pan with a ladle and keep aside.   To get a nice lace on the edge, gyrate the pan, after pouring the batter, and when it is hot.  It will have a swollen middle part, as the batter tends to settle in the middle.  It will be soft, because of the fermented batter.     When cooked, pry it out of the pan with a flat metal spatula.   Place the Appam on a wicker basket, laced with kitchen towel.



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