Cuisine of Kerala

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The food habits of Travancore and Malabar (southern and northern Kerala) are quite different to each other.

Kerala is known for its traditional Sadhyas, a vegetarian meal served with boiled rice and a



host of side-dishes.


The Sadhya is complemented by payasam, a sweet milk dessert native to Kerala. The Sadhya is, as per custom, served on a banana leaf. The southern Kerala dishes are often spiced with garlic, whereas in northern Kerala garlic is generally avoided in all vegetarian dishes. Traditional dishes include Sambar, Aviyal, Kaalan, Theeyal, Thoran, Injipully, Pulisherry, Appam , Kappa (Tapioca), Puttu (Steam Cake), And Puzhukku. Coconut and Coconut Oil is an essential ingredient in most of the food items and is liberally used.



Pachakam is a Malayalam word that means cooking or preparation of food.


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