Minced Beef with Vindaloo Paste

Our Famiily Mangalore - Goa - Beef



Quantity Measure Ingredients Description
1 Teaspoon Jeera (Cumin Seeds) Grind
0.5 Inch Turmeric/Haldi Grind
6 Nos. Chillies Red Dry Grind
  As Required Curry Leaves (Kadi patta) For frying
1 Tablespoon Vinegar To Grind Masala
2 Tablespoon Cooking Oil For Frying garlic
2 Medium Onions Slice and fry
0.5 Pods (whole) Garlic (Lason, Losun) Crush the flakes and fry
200 Grams Green Peas (Matar) Boil
750 Grams Beef - Mince Wash and cook
2 Medium Potatoes Boil and pare
1 Teaspoon Salt For taste



Make the Vindaloo Paste, by grinding the ingredients marked 'grind'. in the vinegar.

In a vessel, pour the cooking oil and fry the sliced onions, and and crushed garlic.  Stir When browned, add  ground curry paste and fry it.

Then add the mince and fry till the water has evaporated. The put the potatoes, previous pared and cut into small cubes, and the washed green peas, with half a tea cup of boiling water, till all the ingredients are immerse and the water is about half an inch above them. You may need some more water for that. Simmer till the vegetables are cooked.

Temper in a little hot cooking oil, crushed garlic.Add vinegar and salt to taste, and taste, and put off the fire.

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