Fried Fish with Coconut Juice

Mangalore - Goa - Seafood




Quantity Measure Ingredients Description:
1` Large Fish, general Cut cleaned and friend
One Nos. Coconut (Narial)  
4 Medium Chillies Green  
1 Piece Ginger (Adhrak)  
1 Medium Onion  
1 Pinch Jeera Powder  
  As Required Salt  
One Tablespoon Vinegar  


Scrape one coconut and grind the  fresh scraping  with 4 green chilles, one small pieces ginger, one onion, one pinch Jeera  and extract about one and a half teacups of thick coconut juice.  Boil this juice adding salt to taste and one spoon vinegar.  Pour this juice on any fried fish in dish and serve with slightly browned onion slices.   Serves like a sauce.

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