Fish Caldeen

Mangalore - Goa - Seafood


Quantity: Measure: Ingredients:
1 units Surmai
1.5 Nos Coconuts - fresh.
2 Tablespoon Coriander/Dhania
6 Flakes/Seeds/Cloves Garlic
2 Inch Ginger
4 Medium Chillies Green
A Few Pepper Corns
3 Tablespoon Vinegar
Half Teaspoon Turmeric Powder
1 Medium Onion
3 Tablespoon Rice, Raw



Grate the coconuts, and add to the flakes, washed raw rice, and coriander, and grind, and extract the thick juice first, and then the think juice, and keep aside.

Grind, ginger, green chillies, garlic, pepper corn.

Slice the onions, and sauté them in a little oil.   Add the ground masala, and turmeric powder and fry for sometime.    Then add the thick juice.   Boil well.  Then add the thin juice and boil.   Taste and add salt and vinegar, the fish cut into slices, and cook for a few minutes.

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