Sweet Mutton Stew 2

Mangalore - Goa - Mutton


Quantity Measure Ingredients Description:
400 Grams Mutton Cut meat into very thin slices and was
200 Grams Potatoes Pare and cut potatoes I
2 Medium Onions Cut in small bits
1 Bunch Celery Cut in small bits
A Few Mint Leaves (Pudina) Cut in small bits
2 Tablespoon Ghee Keep ghee on fire,
1 Small Onion sliced
3 Teacup Water Add to curry.
3 Medium Tomatoes eel tomatoes and mash the pulp.
200 Grams Green Peas (Matar) Shell the peas
2 Tablespoon Sugar, Table for taste.
  As Required Salt to taste


Cut meat into very thin slices and wash.   Pare and cut potatoes into slices.  

Cut onions, celery and mint leaves into small bits.  Keep them aside.

Peel tomatoes and mash the pulp.  Shell the peas and keep aside.  

Keep ghee on fire, when hot, fry a little sliced onion add meat.   Let it cook in its own gravy.   When sufficiently dried up add three cups of boiling water, tomato puree, green peas,, onions, celery and salt to taste.  Boi until meat is cooked. Now add sugar and simmer for ten minutes.

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