Irish, Stew, Mutton

Mangalore - Goa - Mutton


Quantity: Measure: Ingredients: Description:
1 Kilogram Mutton Cut in pieces
12 Small Onions tender.
1 Piece Ginger Mince
6 Medium Chillies Green Mince
A Few Mint Leaves (Pudina) Mince
200 Grammes Green Peas Shelled
1 Nos Knol Kol Pare, cut in cubes
4 Teaspoon Ghee Heat
1 Medium Onion Sliced for tempering
2 Teacups Water For boiling meat
6 Nos Cloves (spice) Add to the boiling meat
1 Sticks Cinnamon Add to the boiling meat
10 Nos Pepper Corns Add to the boiling meat
1/2 Teacup Milk Mix with cornflour
1 Tablespoon Corn Flour Mix with milk


Cut the meat into pieces and wash.  Peel the onions and keep whole.  Cut the chillies, ginger and mint leaves.  Shell the green peas.  Pare and cut the knol kol  (turnips).  Heat the ghee and fry a sliced onion in it.   Then put in the meat and water and cook till the meat is tender for about one hour. 

Remove scum if any.  Then put in the whole onions, vegetables, and other ingredients except the milk and flour.  Cook till the vegetables are tender.  When done, pour in the flour mixed well in the milk.  Simmer for 15  ,minutes/

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