Mutton Chops No. 1

Mangalore - Goa - Mutton


<th "="" bgcolor="#ffffff"> Ingredients

Quantity Measure Description:
500 Grams Mutton - Leg          Wash and cut
Half Teaspoon Pepper Powder Sprinkle
Half Teaspoon         Garam-Masala Sprinkle Spice Powder
  As Required Salt Sprinkle To Taste
2 Tablespoon Ghee fying
2 Large Potatoes For frying
2 Large Tomatoes For frying
1 Large Onions For frying


Wash and cut the mutton leg meat in half inch thick and flat slices and lightly chop on the surface, with a kitchen knife.   Sprinkle pepper powder, spice powder and salt on the meat pieces.   Keep aside for a while.

In a  fying pan, pour the ghee and heat it.  Spread the meat slices on the hot ghee, and cover the meat pieces with a lid and let the meat fry.   When one side is fried, turn and fry the other side.

When the slices are fried in this way, remove the lid and allow the meat to cook on a slow fire for about half an hour  If the meat is too dry, add some more ghee or add half a cup of boiling water.

Now pare the potatoes and make thick slices and fry them, till they turn brown and fully cooked.    In the same way, wash the tomatoes, and make slices and fry them in ghee.    Peel the onions and make round slices and fry them in ghee till they turn brown.   

Serve all in a serving plate, by layering them neatly.

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