Eggs Baked in Potato Mash

Friends' Contribution Mangalore - Goa - Eggs


Quantity Measure Number Ingredients Number Description:
400 Grams Potatoes Boil and Mash
2 Tablespoon Ghee Fry
3 Medium Onions Mince and fry
3 Medium Chillies Green Mince and fry
a Piece Ginger (Adhrak) Mince and fry
1 Piece Garam-Masala Add to mash
1 Pinch Pepper Powder - White Add to mash
2 Tablespoon Flour, Gram /Chana Ata Add to mash
1 Piece Salt Add to mash - For taste
2 Nos. Eggs mix with the potato mash.
2 Nos. Eggs beaten eggs on top of the pie


Mash the boiled and peeled  potatoes into pulp.   Mince the ingredients kept for that purpose and fry them in a little hot  ghee, till the onions turn brown.   Mix the minced and garam masala and pepper powder with mashed potatoes, and blend with 2 tablespoons of gram flour and add the salt.   Mix all well and blend.   Break 2 eggs and mix with the potato mash.

Spread the mash in a pie dish, and apply 2 beaten eggs on top of the pie.   Bake till it turns brown.

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