Egg Bhiryani 2

Mother's Touch Mangalore - Goa - Eggs


Quantity Measure Number Ingredients Number Description:
6 Medium Potatoes A - Boil, peel and cut in halves
6 Nos. Eggs A - Hard Boil and cut in halves
0.5 Kilogram Rice, Basmati B - Clean and wash
2 Tablespoon Ghee C - For tempering
1 Medium Onion C - sliced for tempering
15 Nos. Pepper Corns C - Add to rice
10 Nos. Cloves (Lavang) C - Add to rice
1 Bits Cinnamon (Dalchini) C - Add to rice
6 Pods (whole) Cardamoms (Elaichi) C - Add to rice
3 Nos. Eggs C - Beat whites and yolks for rice.
2 Nos. Onions D. broil and grind
1 Teaspoon Kuskus - poppy seeds D. broil and grind
3 Flakes/Cloves Garlic (Lason, Losun) D. broil and grind
1 Teaspoon Jeera (Cumin Seeds) D. broil and grind
1/2 Teacup Coconut Desiccated D. broil and grind
1 Tablespoon Coriander(Dhania) D. broil and grind
4 Medium Chillies Red Dry D. broil and grind
A Little Turmeric Powder D add to ground masala
2 Nos. Tomatoes D add to ground masala
1 Ball Tamarind D add to ground masala
1 Teaspoon Turmeric Powder D add to ground masala
4 Tablespoon Ghee D. For tempering
2 Nos. Onions D. For tempering
A Little Salt D. For taste


A.  Boil potatoes, peel and cut in halves.  Hard boil eggs, shell and cut in halves and keep aside.

B.  Clean and wash the rice, strain and keep aside.

C.  Warm the ghee, fry sliced  onion till they turn brown and keep aside.   Put the  rice. In a vessel with hot water rising two fingers above it.   Add pepper corns, cloves, etc.  Gently stir, so that the rice does not stick to the base.   Allow to cook.  

Beat first the whites of the eggs, then add yolks and beat again.  When the rice is almost cooked pour this egg mixture.

When pouring, stir the rice well with the handle of the ladle.  If possible place live coals on top on the thali and reduce fire underneath.     The same effect is had, when you put it in a microwave oven for a short time.

D.  Prepare Potato and Egg curry:

Broil the ground masla ingredients , scraped coconut, and one sliced onion and seperately grind    Add  tomatoes , coriander leaves, and tamarind into ti the masala and  make a fine paste.   Boil the eggs and potatoes and cut them in halves.  In a vessel, heat the ghee and fry one sliced onion and put masala and its water.  Boil well and add the potatoes and eggs and keep down.  

E.  Make layers of the rice and the egg curry and put in a preheated oven till the bhiryani is set.

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