Chilly Pickle

Mangalore - Goa - Pickles


Quantity: Measure: Ingredients: Description:
400 Grams Chillies Green Cut and mince
100 Grams Tamarind Squeeze juice
1 Teaspoon Mustard Seed Grind in vinegar
12 Large Chillies Red Dry Grind in vinegar
2 Inch Ginger Cut and mince
1 Inch Turmeric/Haldi Grind in vinegar
4 Pods (whole) Garlic Cut and mince
1 Bottle Vinegar For grinding
1 Teacup Salt To boil
200 Grams Sugar To mix
750 Ml. Sweet Oil Gingely, or mustard oil
1 Bunch Curry Leaves To fry in oil


Clean and cut the green chillies, ginger a nd garlic into small bits.

In two cups of water, boil the salt till it forms crystals.  In one cup of this salt water, soak the tamarind, and when soft, squeeze out the salted tamarind juice.   
Grind the masala in some vinegar.   Wash the mixer with salt water, and keep the masala water aside.
Put sweet oil in a vessel, and heat it    When hot, fry the curry leaves.  When the leaves are brown, add ground masala  and fry well.   Add the masala water and boil. Add sugar and tamarind juiice.  Allow the mixture to thicken.  

Add the minced green chillies, ginger and garlic and boil for 15 minutes.
Keep down and allow it to cool, and then store it in pickle jars.

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