Apple Jam

Other Regions - American/British


Quantity: Measure: Ingredients: Description:
2.5 Kilogram Apple  
4 Nos Lime (fresh) rinds and juice
2.5 Kilogram Sugar  


None of the soft non-keeping apples are suitable for preserving; sound, tart baking apples are the proper ones to use. Pare the apples, cut them in quarters, core carefully and slice rather thick; to every pound allow one pound of good brown sugar, and to every five pounds of apples allow the thinly cut rinds and juice of four lemons, and, according to taste, either a quarter or half a pound of young whole ginger, and one ounce of cloves. Let all lie together in a bowl till next day, when they should be boiled until perfectly clear and until the apples are a rich amber color. Wind- falls, when carefully prepared by cutting away all injured portions, make good jam after the above recipe.



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