O Sanctissima

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O Sanctissima, O piissama, Dulcis Virgo Mariae, Mater Amata intemerata   Ora ora pro nobis. O most holy, O most obedient, sweet Virgin Mary. Mother loving, fearless, pray, pray for us.
Tu solatium, et refugium, .Virgo Mater Maria, Quid quid optamus, in te speramus, ora, ora pro nobis. You are our solace, our refuge, Virgin Mother, Mary, We hope in you for all our needs Pray, Pray for us.
Ecce debiles, per quam flebiles, salva nos O Maria, Tolle languores, pelle dolores, Ora, ora pro nobis. Behold the weak, and weary, save us O Mary, take our pains, take our sorrows, pray pray for us.
Tota pulchra es O Maria, et macula non est in te, Mater amata, intemerata, Ora ora pro nobis O Mary, you are full of beauty, and spotless. Mother so loving and fearless, pray, pray for us., 
Sicut lilium inter spinas, sic Maria inter filias,  Mater amata, intemerata, ora ora pro nobis. Like a Lilly amid thorns, you O Mary are among the daughters.  Mother most loving, fearless, pray pray for us.
In miseria, in angustia, ora Virgo pro nobis, pro nobis ora in mortis hora, Ora, ora pro nobis. In times of misery and anguish pray for us O Virgin, pray at the time of our death. Pray pray for us.

Friday, April 17, 2009


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