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372    Coconut Juice Plain







Quantity Measure Ingredients Description
1 Medium Coconut To be Scraped and ground


Cut the coconut, and filter the coconut water in a cup. Grate the coconut, and grind the scraped coconut in a mixer, and add the coconut water. If it is too dry, add a little water, so that the grinder works smoothly. When it has turned into a paste, take the pulp out in a fine, clean muslin cloth, and hold the four corners to make it a bulge, and turn the bulge into a tourniquet, and squeeze out the juice, into a bowl. This is called the THICK JUICE. When you have extracted all the juice, put the pulp back into the mixer, add more water, and grind it again, till the water turns white. Now take it out, into the same muslin cloth, and squeeze out the juice, into another bowl, and this is called the THIN COCONUT JUICE. You can repeat this one or more times, till all the juice from the scraping is taken out. Further extracts can be added to the think coconut juice. 

However, the quantity you extract should be sufficient for the recipe. So if more is required, you have to increase the number of coconuts.