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The Knotted Bundle of Thread

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My father was always known to be fond of un-knotting the thread that my mother left after her stitching.  He was very patient and did not stop, until he had unraveled the whole bundle.

As I watch the world now, I feel it is like a knotted bundle of thread.   Various strands have got entangled with each other after centuries of inter-action.    Various invasions and conquests have left people bewildered and trying to fathom the meaning of their existence.

When we think of it, the game started when God decided to create this Universe.   As any computer programmer may do, he modified the program as the various parameters were in place.    It is a mystery, why he chose a small planet like the earth, to lavish it with the best of what He could do.   Perhaps, it was because he created Man on this planet, and it was only this man who was capable of appreciating the work of the Divine Hands.    But Man, being intelligent, became egoistical, and thought that he knew more than the Creator and went about messing the work of His Maker.    Man's intelligence also made it possible for him to dominate the weaker ones in the crowd and thus gain power over them and lord it over them and make them do his bidding, while relaxing himself.    This made him join hands with the like minded and a group of powerful men combined and dominated other groups, and then went on conquering sprees, and creating empires.


Looking back I see how all this has affected me, as an individual.   Actions taken by people completely having nothing to do with me, have affected what I can do, and what I can not.     Actions taken in one continent can have repercussions on people living in another.    Whether they know it or not, they are connected and enjoy or suffer from the consequences.

The actions start with ideas.   The ideas start from their outlook on life.   Outlook on life is dictated by what they believe is true or false.  What is needed to survive and so they go ahead and bomb some one else, if that is what they think is needed for their survival, and when  they know they have the upper hand.

Those who get bombed, or think that some one is planning to bomb them, will not remain idle.  They too have their own outlook on life, and are governed by what they think is right or wrong, and take appropriate actions to help themselves.   In this principles clash, and what one thinks is right, is wrong for the other and there arise conflicts and wars.

In my study on Judaism and Christianity, I found that these misunderstandings have run deep, and caused much misery and unhappiness to those who had nothing to do with the decisions of the major players who took control of their lives.    Great thinkers have risen in both camps and have guided each one to survive and the ordinary ones have just parroted  these positions without thinking deeper into the reasons behind them.

Outlook on Life

The belief system of each one governs his outlook on life.   He can be a believer in God or an atheist.  But some set ideas govern his actions.    The majority of the people just follow and very few great men have arisen in Mankind, who were able to formulate principles to govern their Societies.,      Newer ideas have overtaken the old ones and given way to new thinking and thus we have had an advance in civilization and all that goes with it.    But the stronger ones in the Society try to dominate the weaker ones, as it is the only way they can maximize their profits.   If they think the majority is smart and will see through their machinations, then they should soften them up, till they are like zombies, and believe and act on any thing you say, like a person under hypnosis.   That is why people sit in front of the television for hours on end.    The conquerors can cajole their subjects to go to war and die, for an ideal, "patriotism" while they and their children will remain in their homes in safety and comfort.    This applies true for the suicide bombers or the powerful military armies.    Both use psychological pressures for the "warriors" to get the fuel to do the work.

This also applies to the "Do Gooders".   The Human Rights groups, the Preachers, and other campaigners.  Ideas propel their actions.    When ideas conflict they have have recourse to Media, and propound each ones idea to be the right one and the other party to be in the wrong.   Those who own the media then are in a unique position to tilt the balance and then the mighty and greedy will see to lay their hands on the Media and possess it so that it plays their game rather than that of their opponent.

Today the Jews who were castigated and humiliated by the Europeans for 20 centuries have gained economic power because they knew to gain education and control on the money which people need to survive.    Powerful nations and politicians are indebted to them for their political survival and will do any of their bidding to survive, but this has consequences and reactions.    Before the Europeans were Christianized they were pagans.   The Romans started the ball rolling and then under Constantine the role changed and the Christians took over.   The Jews were at the receiving end until Hitler tried his hand at controlling them and lost.    Today, Anti-Semitism has become the greatest sin either through ones association with the European history or through one's dependence on the economic clout of the Jews.  The important thing is to see the causes that lie underneath this, and find out which idea fuels these situations, and not to treat just  the outside wound, but to uproot the infection from its very root.    It could be any community that is at the receiving end.   It all boils down to the weaker and vulnerable sections of Society that get bashed by the stronger.

Major Players.

In the world of ideas, we have three major religious groups: The Christians, The Muslims and the Jews.   We have other religious like Hindus, Buddhists and Far Eastern Religions.    We also have a growing number of Atheists, Agnostics and Rationalists.    The main ideas are generated from these which forms the basis for the outlook on life of these players.

The major effect on the lives of people results from the actions of the powerful nations and the ideas that fuel their actions.    The Industrialized world is predominantly Christian, but it is not the Christian ideals that fuel their actions, but pure a-moral considerations of survival, preservation of the status quo and increasing the wealth they have already achieved.    In this process they form alliances with like minded groups and promote their point of view through the media which is at their beck and call.    The Media is used to misinform and distort the Truth, and beguile the people who are needed to complete the job.    We often hear why the major religious groups, the silent majority do not react.   Unfortunately, they are most of the time, engrossed in their own work, and have little time to think of the material side that needs attention and is the one that causes the problems.    It is the minority, who are not governed by religious principles, that take matters into their own hands and drive the engine of greed and hate and create the problems for everyone else, and these people standing on the side lines feel the pain, but are satisfied by shrugging their shoulders and saying that they can do nothing about it.

Light shining in the darkness.

In this darkness there is a ray of hope.  The Internet has provided a way for people to express their ideas and it is with good ideas, one can fight the bad ones.   If the people sitting on the side lines were to wake up and know that the Mighty depend on them for their survival, they will oppose them and the majority who are always the good people will help change things.


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