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Goodness of Fruits

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Is there anything common between a fruit and our body?
Well, it may surprise you but the answer is 'yes'. Both the fruit and our body consist of water in a large quantity. The structure of our body is such that there is almost 80% water, stored in our body. Similarly a fruit also consists of 80% water. Spend a few minutes to think over this fact and you will yourself discover how logical it is for the human body to consume a food that contains the same amount of water, as does your own body. Our body requires lots of water and the only thing that meets this requirement perfectly is a fruit. Can you name any eatable on the earth other than a fruit that contains 80% water on average? This question is quite difficult to answer so we can say that a fruit is a complete natural food for a human body.

Fruit is 100% cholesterol free
High cholesterol is not considered good for a healthy body. It is an interesting fact about the fruits that they do not contain much cholesterol. However several animal products such as meat and dairy products contain a lot of cholesterol. So either avoid completely or reduce consumption of animal products as much as possible and make it a habit to have at least one fruit per day.

Fruit stimulates memory
We all want to have a sharp memory, do not we? Well the fruits are helpful here also. Another surprising and interesting fact about the fruit is that a fruit is the best fuel for our brain. If someone consumes fruit on a regular basis then his or her brain becomes capable of recalling information faster and more easily. May be here you came to know something new about the fruits but it is better late than never. So just keep this in your mind forever. Our lives have become so busy in the modern times that we hardly care about our eating habits and most of the time in the hustle-bustle of everyday life we forget to have proper diet also. In such case the fruit could be a real good friend who not only cope with the extra demand of our body but also stimulate our memory and give us energy to keep going.

Get your daily dose of fiber with fruit
A diet that contains plenty of fibers is capable of protecting us against the problems such as corpulance, high blood pressure, and other factors that are responsible for the increase in chances of a heart disease. The food that contains the healthy natural fibers is the right kind of food. The fruits and the vegetables are those natural foods that are fiber rich. In fact, the amount of fiber that we consume could prove to be more important element than the amount of fat that we consume.

Fruit and the sunny skies
Fruit is that healthy diet which helps us fight one of the negative emotions, that is 'depression'. Just remember eating a lot of fruits could have a mysterious healing effect on human beings. Even better option for you is that you can drink a lot of freshly squeezed fruits, as fruit juices. Having fruit juices on a regular basis is very good for good health. The positive effects or the results of having fruit juices may take approximately 30 days time for you to notice.

Create a Fruit Explosion!!
In case you are not a very enthusiastic fruit eater but you want to eat more fruits, you can begin with fruit juices. To squeeze fruits to make juices is one of the best ways to start eating fruits, which gradually becomes a habit. And thus you can get used to eating more and more fruits. After having fruit juices for a while, you will notice that your appetite to eat raw fruits has increased naturally.

Aren't many fibers lost if you squeeze fruit?
Having squeezed fruits as juices is as healthy as eating a raw fruit out of your hand. It is a common belief that some of the fruit flesh and nutrients are lost when we squeeze the fruits but in fact it is not at all so. On the contrary this means that your glass of any fruit juice does contain all the important and nutrient fibers that are required for your good health. These natural fibers not only play very significant role in preventing many diseases such as cancer but they also stimulate the digestive system. So the simple habit of eating lots of fruits or just one fruit a day can help you get rid of eating bran or other intestine stimulating products to stimulate your digestive system.

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