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Political Masters

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Idea of Governance.

Human beings need one another to survive, and from time immemorial, they have gathered together for this purpose.  The smallest social unit is the family, where a man and woman unite to each other, and in the process, due to nature's urges, procreate and increase and multiply, as the Creator had intended.

The family leads to extended family and their dependencies    This has lead to living in communities, and thus forming the social structure, where the people help one another in the daily life.  Familial natural tendencies bind them, and the clan spirit rises as a consequence.    In the social evolution, it has taken the shape of tribes, clans etc, and the location on earth, has been given a name, and thus the smallest territorial unit has happened to be a village.  Villagers have commerce, and thus form larger unit, and the area of confluence, has turned out to be a town, and the convergence of towns have led to cities.

In the process, the natural leadership qualities of people lead to one or a group taking prominence over others due to this dependency.   Usually it takes a form of moral authority, patriarchal hierarchy, or some sort of wealth competition.   In history, these competitions have lead to wars, and conquests.

As one party tends to dominate the others, frictions will arise, and the weak will tend to defend themselves by alliances.   Due to human ingenuity, some will take devious forms, and tend to manipulate the stronger by finding their weak points, and thus gain behind the scenes control over the formal authority.   Generally, these people worm their way into the confidence of those in authority and manipulate them through devious tactics.   In formal social structure, these are called diplomats, ambassadors etc, but behind the scenes there are others playing their games, and use these men and women to play their dirty games.

 If one sees back to the development in this world over the past 2000 years, one can see how this has worked.   The West was ruled by the Roman Empire, and the East by dynastic rules of monarchs.   The need to form imperial power,was due to  food security and this led  to maritime security, need of manpower to run the maritime transport, and the easiest way was to enslave people to do the work.  Thus, the conquests, and subjugation of people and exploiting the  people by coercion to serve their ends.   This naturally leads to resentment, and weakness from within.

In Palestine, we see the resentment of the Jews to the Roman occupation, and the question posed to Jesus.   "Should we pay taxes?"  -  the reply of Jesus: "Give to Ceasar what is his, and to God what is of God."    There is no real answer, as political forces exert the power and are defeated by the internal contradictions, without much effort from outside.

The rule of monarchs continued unabated from the time of the Roman empire till the first world war.    After this the concept of "Democracy" was imposed by the victors.    The power of the monarch was shifted to the choice of the people.   But they would be governed by representatives, with limited tenure.   The question is are these representatives truly such.

Here the nexus of money power and real political authority comes to light.   Money power also was there during the time of the monarchs, and it was this source that used to dictate the course of events.  The manipulation of money power over the monarchs, gave rise to the debit-credit always limited to one family of the monarch, whose legal authority would devolve to his heir.   The money power brokers had to contend with one focal point and the span of manipulation was limited as a result.

In a democratic set up, it had a  wider scope.  The Money Power would be centralized (among corporates and bankers), and the Representative Power of the People, would be limited to time and the ability of the leaders.

You have to ask yourself, why did the monarchs disappear after the first world war?

Who wielded the power after that, and what institutions were formed and whether they are functioned without hindrance.

The final blow came with the Wall Street crash.   You can make your own conclusions, as to whether the voters are really dictating the policies of their Government through their vote, or are there other agencies at play.

Guess who funds the Money Power?   It is the People.  They are brain washed by the media, advertisers, movies, and everything that floods into their minds through the TV screens, Radio, and internet.   You can see the breakdown of family ties, and values, as a result.  The flourishing Credit Card business and loans and debt.

People still have the power to break the monopoly of the Money Power brokers.  Just spend less, be frugal, and live with what you need, and not with what you are told will make you happier.

The result of the over spending of the people, has given a false impression of presence of wealth, but it is bedevilled by debt and loans.   It can tip at any moment, and when natural calamities add to their woes, the precipice is very close.

Just as the floods wash off the waste, so too will these with unexplained wealth will move to oblivion.

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