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Home Database Study Lesson 1 Housing Society Project

Housing Society Project

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Co-Operative Housing Society Records


1 Banks
2 Cash Opening Balance
3 Expense Types
4 Fixed Deposits
5 Members
6 Opening Balance
7 Transaction Types
8 Transactions
9 Year Month



Cash Opening Balance

opening Balance Autonumber long Integer Unique Primary Key
Date Date/Time Short Date  Input Mask
Balance Currency Currency Auto
Year month Number Query derived

Expense Types

Expense Type Number Autonumber Long Integer Primary Key
Expense Name Text    

Fixed Deposits


Field Names are to be used according to the needs of the information.  The Primary Key is essential.



Opening Balance (Banks)

Opening Balance Autonumber Long Integer Primary Key  
Bank Name Number Lookup Wizard Table Banks  
Date Date/Time Short Date Input Mask Use first of month
Year month Number Lookup Wizard Table Year Month  
Balance Currency Currency   To be input

 Note that Currency symbol is set in the Control Panel, Regional Settings.  Change them there by going to the Control Panel.

Transaction Types


2 fields.  Autonumber

      and Tr. Type.



What is important in the selection of the fields is the type of information the user may need.   Not everything need to added at first.   In trials, use less information, and get to know the use of the program and its intricacies.  You will be able to refine it later.

Combo Box

A drop down list is contained in a combo box.  It is generated by the Look Up Wizard.

In the above picture you see: Bound Column = 1 which means only one field is to be stored.

Count Columns are 2.   One which will be stored, the number, and the other which will be displayed, the Bank Name.

Column Widths: (of the counted columns).   First is 0"   and the second one is  2" separated by a semi colon.

The List Rows and  Width determine, how many rows will be displayed and how broad these have to be.

Year Month Table

yearmonth Autonumber Primary Key Unique
yearmon text    
Monthyear text    



1 balance query Table: Banks and Opening Balances
2 Cash Opening Balance Query Table: Cash Opening Balance
3 Expense Type Query Table: Expense Types
4 members name query Table Members
5 Opening Bank Balance Table Banks, Opening Balance
6 transactions query 2 Table Transactions with criteria
7 transactions query 3 Table Transactions with criteria

bank balance query


openbankbalance  query


Cash Balance query


expense type query


membersname query


Note the field Name is derived from two fields of the members table.  There should be a color after the derived name.  the table fields should be in square brackets.  They should be joined with &" " &

The Quotation marks create a distance of one space between the names.


transactions query 2


By selecting Transaction ID 2 or 3, we take Cash/Bank type and Bank type.

Transactions query 3 is same as above, but with criteria is 1 or 3.   This way you select Cash and Cash/Bank transactions only from the Transactions Table.



Design a form in Design view with "openbankbalance" query as the record source.

In the lower have design a sub form in data sheet view from query: transactions   query 3.

In the top add the command buttons - Close Form = Form Operators, Close Form, Text Display = "Close Form"

Calculator: = Form Operators, Open Form = "Calculator"

Find Difference = Form Operators, Open Form = "Calculator 2"

Sub Form

Record Source: transactions query 3


Two unbound text boxes in the Form Footer, calculate the sum of the currency totals Breceipt and Bpayment.

They are given "other" name to identify them in the main form.  Breceipt has deptot as its other name and Bpayment has withtot as its other name.  Right click on the text box, click on Other Tab and give the name.    The computer recognizes the field by the "Other Name" that you set in the Properties.


Click on the form properties square on top left corner, and get this property card


Change:  Default View. Views allowed, record selectors, navigation buttons.  as in the above picture.

you should get


 To change background colors of the form, right click in the area of the background and choose the color you need from the pallette.

If forms are created by a wizard, the background is embedded picture.  Go to the properties, and delete the picture.  A dialog box asks you to confirm.  After that by right clicking in the back ground area, you can choose another color.  You can also go to the form properties, by clicking on the square at the top left hand corner and open the property window, and in the Format, change the back color.    On the extreme right of the row, you will see asterisks, on which if you click, the dialog box opens for you to choose the color.  You can choose custom colors as well.


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