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The World We Live In.

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I was watching the television, which disturbed me a lot, and set me thinking.

The characters were of three types.  One arrogant and scheming, the second dumb impotent types, and the third living in a world of their own, free and fun loving.   The first were the ones who had the money and wealth, and the other two depended on them for a living.   The second class were always at the service of the first and the last.   The last group, enjoyed life, but did not know what responsibility was.   This brought about conflict and this  part was disturbing and unsettling.

I noticed that all conflicts arise because of the ability of human being to think.   In the universe, we see three sets of creatures.  The lifeless objects, like stones, and inanimate matter.   In the living world, we see plants and animals, as we know both have the ability to reproduce their own species.   The animal kingdom, is divided into marine beings, earth bound beings and those who can live in the air, the flying creatures like birds.

The human species is the only one having the thinking power, and domain of conflicts, arising from this power.      One has only to scan through the human history to know how these conflicts gave birth to wars,  destruction of communities of one another, kingdoms and even resulted in genocides.

In the human species too, we have three classes like those in the TV serial.   The possessors, and impotent dependents who are dumb and others who are carefree.    The Possessors rule the roost.

The analogy extends to the wide world we live in.   The people are grouped into nations and countries.    Like the marine life forms, we too fit into a pattern.   In the sea world, large fish live off the smaller ones.   The smallest ones, are the largest in the collection.  They feed on algae and other plant life.    Now looking at the human species, we notice a similarity.    A tiny minuscule percentage of the human population,  owns everything in this world: its wealth, assets and power over the less fortunate humans    Of course, individuals are part of a system. The whole system revolves round the ability to think.    As we know, this particular gift is not uniform, and some have it more, and others less.    Those who have it more, have been productive some in the good sense, and others in a destructive one.   Here again, history has chronicled the important people who changed this world, were those who had this gift.   The conflict between these two giants of Intelligence, have kept the world moving upward, and always improvising and renovating, and inventing, to find better ways of survival.

The good giants of Intelligence, have founded positive movements, which have resulted in religions, governed by laws, assuring a reward for good behavior and punishment for lack of it. The children of the adherents, have just followed their parents, like those in the TV serial, the possessors dictating the interpretation of laws, and the impotent and carefree, following the laws without knowing their implication.    As time goes on, the laws seem meaningless, as the carefree and the impotent have failed to use their intelligence and drifted away, and formed a mass of human beings without any foundation.

This is where some of the Possessors,(read the screaming headlines in the newspapers)  endowed with the scheming nature, figure out how to capture this mass of human population, who have been drifting.   They are rudderless, clueless, and not bothered to think.    The Possessors have a scheme.   They have to attract the impotent and carefree ones, with a bait.   In the present world, we see these being dangled in front of the viewers by TV commercials and reality shows.   See how the masses lap up these and submit themselves to the Possessors.    When someone sends an SMS he pays for it, the Tele-com Company earns, (2G Scam?) and shares it with the one who has put the TV commercial.   Tell me who becomes rich and who turns poorer ?

Here is your first pointer, as to how the Big Fish of the world survive.   If the poor do not submit they die.   But the poor are never given freedom to object.   The chain of dependency makes it sure.   This is why, the bulk of the human population is poor, and depends on some one who employs them, and those again depend on others who are more affluent, till the chain of dependency goes up to the biggest fish, the G8.

In the New Testament, a passage deals with the three temptations of Jesus Christ, in which Satan seems to have tempted him, and all the baits he dangled before the Christ, were the same ones, being dangled by the Possessors today.     Wonder who could be the one who rules the Possessors, and whose commands they obey ?

The irony is the Higher Power, who rules all, in an invisible way, topples their gravy train and everything goes haywire.   One hurricane like Katrina, can leave the greatest of the Possessors, impotent, and unable to solve the problem.    The spring well of the Possessor, the Wall Street, manned by the minions of the Possessor with equal devious minds, can go bust, when some of them decide to go into an unending war and spend their ill gotten wealth, and leave the balance sheets in the negative.      The whole world of the "marine life" goes belly up.   The poor are still poor, but the rich have to scratch their heads, and think of more schemes to get out of the rut.   In the bargain, Greece and Iceland  and now Ireland, may go bankrupt, but the Possessors still have to float.   This wily world of Satan, seems to have no one coming to the rescue.

But history is replete with the answers.   The Invisible One, is waiting for the right moment, to remove the tyrants, and replace them with humane ones, and the world is given a new breath of life.    Look at Noah's Ark,  the Exodus,  the Crucifixion,  the fall of the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire.    You think this is the last fall.   More are to come.   Decide which category you want to be in.    You can be the fourth one, who thinks, and uses the mind to counter the Possessors, and bring  their downfall.  All you have to do it resist the temptation to spend what you have on unproductive things, and use your assets to generate positive good.










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