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Free Mass Music for you

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Life in the late thirties up to the end of the fifties, was tranquil and quiet, and without any external inputs into our minds, except from the school and the Church.   Perhaps, that is the reason, why we grew in a calm atmosphere, liked soft and slow music, and gave great respect to our elders, and disregard of authority was unheard of.


In such an environment, music in me grew under my skin, almost from childhood, and around the age of 16 an opportunity presented itself, and quickly, I picked notation reading and playing the keyboard and singing, and composing.   Soon, all this had to stop, and my problems with my eye, blocked my progress, but somehow, I was given other opportunities, and the music remained alive.


As I was nearing the age of seventy,  I was asked to take over the choir in our parish, and a new boost was given, when my talent got a new lease of life, and it developed and I was able to build a polyphonic choir, in spite of my bad eyesight    For seven years, in an arid environment for such type of music, in which I grew, I started to revive the same, and composed my own pieces for the Church liturgy, and arranged the four voice parts for the hymns and we sang in voices, every Sunday, and the twelve members who were part of my choir, learned to read the music from the score.  No one followed this trend, and as it grew, it died when I had the stroke, in the year 2000. 


Even after that, when I was home bound, I found new ways to overcome the hurdles of my eyesight, and started using the computer, and the software, and converted all the written music to digial form, and presented it to those who might love it on my website.  Surprisingly, I found that the number of hits on each of these pieces far exceeded my expectations.


It was at this time, after I had a by pass, and was still active on my website, that I realized that God was  always with me, right from the start, although invisible to me, since I could not have done this on my own. Perhaps, there is someone over there, who knows the art of reading music from the score, and also the ability to teach and organize a choir, who might find this music useful.  My only hope is that he reads it before it is too late, as I am already eighty.  But since I can not find such a person, I have left it to God to work on this.   I know that in his plan, he wants one to sow the seed, and he will ask another to water it, and a third one to reap the harvest.


With this hope, I offer you this in mp3 form, to listen and see if you can use it.   If you can, then you can download the score from my website, provided you download also the software from the website of the manufacturer.   You can then, read the score, hear the music play, and print a copy on your printer and use it.


My website


Music Software:


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