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Our MInds, and How we use them.

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In 1976, when I my eyes were bandaged for 16 days, due to my first corneal transplant, my brother, advised me to play a game, to keep my mind occupied.   The idea came from a book called "Papillon" where a prisoner sentenced to solitary confinement, had made for himself to keep sane.   Since I myself had not read the story, I took the word of my brother for granted, and it was this: that in order to keep alive and survive, the mind should be used to figure out in which way he would survive, had he been dumped on a lonely island all by himself.   In this journey, I discovered, that man though is said to have evolved from a monkey, one doubts if the proponents of this hypothesis really thought it through.   I discovered, that most of my solutions were that of the primitive man, who was said to be of stone age, since the paths I chose were the same paths that early man had taken.   This led me to think, that even at that early time in history, Man was thinking the same way I, a supposedly evolved human being, was thinking.   That is why, I suspected this theory.   However others do not suspect, perhaps, they have greater insights into the human mind than myself.

One thing is certain, that great minds are not born everyday.   They are far separated in time, but their thinking has influenced the progress of society.   Thus there was only one Socrates, one Plato, one Aristotle, one Arya Bhatta, one Chankya, one Ashoka, one Buddha, one Jesus Christ.  One Einstein, one Beethoven, one Mozart etc.

If these gentlemen had kept silent and did not do what they did, what a poor world this  would have been ?    So, when you get a good idea, do not keep it to yourself, but disseminate it, not with the hope it will yield fruit immediately in your life time, but leave it to the Eternal Intelligence, to make use of it when He thinks it is the right time.

The modern world has come out with many tools to disseminate information.  But it is mostly used by morons, who underutize it, with their banter and idle chatter.    Take the example of Narendra Modi, who utilized these tools to shoot himself into power, with the use of the art of advertisement.   He has managed to persuade all the News Channels to do what he wants, even the entertainement channels, churn out stuff, that meets his goals.  And he is One Man.   Wheter the Eternal Intelligence will back him up, only time will tell.  The same thing happened to Hitler, who lost, and other One Track Minded people lost, even though for some time, they were considered unsurmountable.   If ordinary people use their own intelligence to overcome their difficulties, that abound in food prices, shortages of essential commodities, etc, things can change.   The only reason they do not change is because of the apathy and lack of initiative.

Whether in the economic world, or the spiritual world, we should not jump into projects without first thinking about them.  We should emulate great minds, rather than empty heads who talk all the year round on our TV screens.    There are plenty of celebrities and promoters of items of our daily use the year round on our TV screens, but if we do not use our own minds, and just be inundated with their suggestions and advertisements, we will drown in that deluge which has brought down many sections of societies all around the globe.   How much our news Channels tell us about what is happening in the world ?  Their main topics are around Modi, the Indian economic scene, Modi's "devlupment", the terrorists and Pakistan !   No true solutions can be found here, unless you look outside of your window, into the world at large, whose waves, hit against our shores and upset the plans of our 'great minds' who have undertaken to steer us through turbulent waters.    The answer may be awaiting a time that may by pass my own.

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