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Christmas Mass

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The Christmas Mass   

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Get Christmas Mass Score

 For Free Music Notation Software to read the file, go to

in 4 unequal voices.

Consists of

The Lord Have Mercy




Composed by Walter J. Pais

for St.Cecilia's Choir

For four unequal voices.


In case you wish to download the score,

you have to get a Finale notation software free from their website

Download the music Score by clicking on the Title and the file will open in your downloaded software.


To download the MIDI file you heard


Listen to the music on line


The Church Music is not an end to itself, and the focus is more on the text of the prayer, and the music tries to represent what we are meant to believe in those prayers.

Lord Have Mercy: 

This is a prayer of a penitent, who humbles oneself before the Almighty whom he has offended.   Thus he is in a mood that expects him to be humble and ask God to consider his weakness, as He himself was the one who created him, with all his weaknesses.  God is the Merciful One, who is the only one who will understand, as it is only He who can read the mind of the one who asks for mercy.    How can then he sing what he asks in a way, more fitting to a disco bar?    The musician should himself put in the place of that humble penitent, and portray through his music the feeling.

Glory be to God on High

      This is a prayer with happiness, with awe of God's majesty,  and petition for the acceptance of our prayers which we place before this good God.    Our position is that of a help less creature, in the presence of the Almighty Creator of this Universe.    Should not our singing seem to portray these feelings?     However, the music we hear in our Churches now a days, seem to show that people have no real belief, but just go to the Church, because they are supposed to do it, and it the music is not like that they hear in their discos, then they do not like it.    It is not what we like.  -  the purpose of music is to convert a hardened heart.    Can the musician be humble enough to fall on his knees and ask God for inspiration to help him to be an instrument in His hands?


This prayer is taken from the book of Revelation.   It is St. John's vision of the heaven, which man has not seen and can not comprehend its grandeur      The holiness of this place should make one tremble to enter it.  How boldly can we enter a palace of a King or a President of a Country?     Is it the same spirit we enter our Churches?     Does this spirit show when we sing out this prayer?    Do you think the tunes they use for portraying this majestic prayer do justice to its dignity?

I leave it to you to be the judges.    If you can help in improving the situation then please do so.   Even a small effort on your part can be magnified by God, by getting you involved in his work..   

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