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Music XML Format

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If you need XML files for my scores, please write to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   with the name of the specific file, and the category in which you found it.

MusicXML is a XML-based music notation file format developed by Recordare LLC. For MakeMusic customers, it provides many useful resources, as the feature has been built in to all recent versions of our notation software.

The MusicXML format has been adopted by many music notation software companies as a "common" format, meaning that any program with the ability to read MusicXML files can open MusicXML files from any other application. Likewise, any program that can write a MusicXML file can send a files to another program that can read them. This enables our Finale family of notation programs to read MusicXML files created with SmartScore Pro, SharpEye, and Sibelius.

Perhaps the most powerful use for MusicXML is that it allows you to transfer music made in a newer version of our notation software to an older version. For example, a file created in Finale 2008 could be exported as a MusicXML document and then imported into Finale 2006 for editing as normal.

Users should note that using this format to transfer files will result in a slight loss of information. However the amount of information lost in this conversion is much less than any other format created for similar purposes.

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