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Show the Other Cheek

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Show the other Cheek

2000 years ago, a tragedy took place in Palestine. A Jew was crucified on Mount Calvary. His own disciple betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver. All the Jew had to say from the cross was "Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do."

Just forty years later, another tragedy took place in Palestine. Jerusalem was ransacked by the Roman occupiers, and they expelled the population from that land, and they wandered all over the world and in 1917 another empire was responsible to open the gates of Jerusalem, and this led to the exodus of another people settled in that land for 2000 years,  who are still unsettled, and disquiet has spread all over the world with pent up anxiety and hatred.

The first event led to antisemitism, and gave rise to stories of Shakespeare's Sylock,   and Dickens's Fagin. The sense of being not wanted, alienated a whole race and this gave rise to a man named Hitler. The rest is current history.

Old grievances never die, nor are they  let to die. At the root of the problem is a man called Jesus. Some love Him, and there are others who hate Him. But his attitude is to show the "other cheek" and he offered the same advice to his followers. Since it is a difficult advice, many atrocities have been committed in the last 2000 years, and even now, people come up, and like to muddy the waters.

In New York, the NY Times, got a writer to write a piece about a priest who died in 1998 at the age of 72 a sick man  and about the things he did 40 years ago.  The fact may be there were 200 boys in the home, but to abuse all of them is calling for a stretch of one's imagination, but no one has the facts to verify them.  Why else did the Police drop the case?   NY Times has written in its inside page on page 15 !   Just to be on the safe side.  Thus it is to an individual to form his opinion, according to the bent of his mind.  Of course lawyers find it very lucrative to attack a client who has money to pay them, as they will get 1/3 of the settlement. The easiest prey is the Catholic Church. Whether the merits of the case justify or not, vested interests can still go on and make a point, and there are voices of the Anglo Saxons, like BBC, CNN, Sky News etc, to repeat the allegation, and there are multitudes of uninformed  people who will then transmit this "news" without batting an eyelid. No one asks, why the Lawyers do not find other clients, even though pedophilia is a world wide menace and in all societies, and groups of different religious affiliations. My hunch is that it is more than money. It is a matter of settling old scores.

There is no way wrong can be justified. There are courts to do justice, and they dropped the case in the US, way back the seventies. That is no problem for NY Times, or those who parrot that story over and over again. No one will question their motives, or vested interest, as the readers are mostly unaware of the facts, and what they write is "truth" to them.

The answer lies in history. It tends to repeat itself. It was a wise advice: "show the other cheek".   As for the Catholics, they should not retaliate. All they can do is put their point out. But there is no publication in the West, or their agents in the East, who will print it. The answer again is "show the other cheek" - and why worry. "The Gates of Hell, will not prevail against " this institution, which their founder built on the rock called Peter, and gave him this assurance. Over the last 2000 years has any body destroyed it?   Why should we doubt Jesus now,  that he will allow a NY Times and their writers to be able to demolish it?

Just show the "other cheek". and pray : "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do." Judas's action though it was wrong, led to greater wrongs done by others as a result. A chain reaction, of vengeance and retaliation, destroys the perpetrators as a result of their own actions, even without their victims doing anything against them. If one believes in an All Knowing God, we better leave everything to Him to settle the argument, and not add any additional dirt in the already muddied waters.

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