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Hear Tunes on line.

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Ever since I had to transfer my data to the new Server, and as a result of adopting a new system for the website, I was handicapped by the system, and had to adopt mp3 file format rather than MIDI format.   The former is a versatile format, giving many advantages, but the file size is much larger than a MIDI file.    The latter is extremely fast in uploading and in download.    Thus for those having a slower internet connection, the mp3 takes a long time to load the buffer.    It can be very frustrating and so, I have now circumvented this problem, by making a new category: READ WORDS, HEAR MUSIC ON LINE.     This is the first category in the Church Music section.    I hope you have already noticed it.

You will find all the hymns listed in different indices, like Masses, Harmonized Hymns, St. Cecilia's Hymnal, etc.    When you click the main category, a table with different lists appears, and on clicking on each title which has a link, you get the list of hymns.   When you click on the Yellow icon,   the hymn page with words appears, and a back ground MIDi track in embedded with the file, and you can hear the tune on your computer, when you switch your speakers on.

If you save these files on your computer, you can hear them later on too, off line.   You have to use the INTERNET EXPLORER as I find Firefox has not provided the facility to play the MIDI track.    If you indeed find a plug in to hear music, it would be fine.  They used to provide it for ther older versions.

I have tried my best to accommodate to the needs of those who have slower internet connections, and would love to hear the old Church music, which is heard rarely in our churches.    Many might find solace  in hearing and singing the old tunes, and teaching their children too.

If you have been helped, please drop a line to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Thank you.

Walter Pais



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