Mangalorean Recipes

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New Book 3 - Part 2

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Even though the scale consists of seven notes, they get repeated at higher and lover range. Thus the DO repeats after the seventh note, and the scale proceeds to the net octave, - set of eight notes. We started our Middle Do, on the small line below the stave, which is called a leger line. It is meant to place the note in relation the the general stave. Our sol came on the second line of the stave, and now in this lesson we use the other notes of the range, from sol to upper re.

Get familiar with the locations of the notes. These notes are played with the white keys of the keyboard. The Do, starts around the middle of the keyboard, to the left of the set of two black keys. Later you will know, how to raise the pitch of a music which you find too low to sing. In this case, the keyboard player will use the black keys, and the music notation will show it with the use of sharps and flats. There is a way, the singer will get around it, without changing his names of the scale.

Once in a way, repeat the old exercises from the beginning, to make your foundation firm.


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