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Mount Rosary Hospital Project

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1. Introduction :

Mount Rosary Institutions was started in the year 1937. It’s first service has been a tuberculosis sanatorium, for patients coming from poor families and village families. Gradually, Mount Rosary hospital diversified its medical care. It treated sick people of other diseases also. Presently we have Mount Rosary hospital at Alangar. The project now wants to give medical attention according to health regulations and government medical rules.

2. Present Situation:

Mount Rosary hospital at Alangar has mainly out-patients medical care. People from villages and poor families daily come to our medical doctor and nurses for diagnosis of their diseases and medical treatment. The treatment is given to all people, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jains etc.
We have a small medical laboratory and a simple X-ray machine, to find out the disease. The doctor then gives suitable medicines and people are happy, when they are cured. Most of the poor people are not able to pay the high cost of present day medicines. Hence we have to ask for charity, buy medicines and give them to the people, either free or at concessional cost.

3. In-patient care :

Serious cases of illnesses also come to our hospital. For emergency and for sick cases which we admit such cases, give medical care and even food mostly free or at concessional rate. We have sister nurses to take care of them, who do free services and also medical attendants, to whom we have to pay monthly salaries.

4. Serious cases of sick people:

Those whom we find needing more and specialized care, we have them shifted by ambulance to Fr. Muller’s hospital, Mangalore. We arrange their treatment in the general ward and Fr. Muller’s hospital treats them at concessional rate on our recommendation. Hence the purpose of Mount Rosary hospital of care of the poor sick is done quietly under the blessing of Mother Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary.

5. Future Plan for which we need support from donors:

Mount Rosary hospital Alangar wants to give more efficient and effective care to the poor sick. For this the following support or particular medical service is important.
_ First medical service is health education programme for the prevention of diseases
_Facilities for diagnosis of disease, and a minor surgical unit for the present
_ A obstetrics and gynecology facility

6. Health education for prevention of diseases :

Some of the diseases in our villages among people are because of lack of health knowledge. Mount Rosary hospital wants to invite groups of village people for health classes which our sisters could give on a regular basis on different health topics, regarding sicknesses of children, young people, women as also men. For this we have to secure health education materials and also resource persons when experts are needed. The budget for this programme is as follows;
_ Cost of audio visuals and Projector apparatus - Rs. 30,000-00
_ Salary for Resource person to educate in
health subjects for one year - Rs. 1,80,000-00
_ Total cost for one year Rs. 2,10,000-00

7. Diagnostic facilities to identify illnesses :

Mount Rosary hospital has usually two lab technicians from among the sisters. We need a special room, lab equipments and materials and also facilities for disposal of waste. The budget for the programme is as follows,
_ cost of providing a laboratory room - Rs. 1,25,000-00
_ cost of equipping the laboratory with
testing machines ( Electrolyte machine and
Blood Analyzer - Rs. 5,00,000-00
Total Rs. 6,25,000-00
_ Sister services are free
Some other items needed for Laboratory are already received
-compound microscope Rs. 1,20,000-00
- Biochemistry machine Rs. 1,80,000-00

8. A minor O.T. :

Cases of accidents and of minor injury often come to Mount Rosary hospital. We are unable to attend to them, as we do not have a minor O.T. or infrastructures for the operation theatre or the instruments. Medical doctors and surgeons are willing to come as honorary doctors and serve sick people. Hence we need a proper O.T. installed according to medical guidelines. The cost of the programme is as follows,
_Providing equipments for minor O.T. like
O.T. table, instruments etc -Rs. 1,60,000-00
_ O.T. Lights 5 Dume Rs. 1,50,000-00
_ Syringe pump Rs. 1,05,000-00
_ Maltiparameter Monitor Rs. 80,000-00
_XL 210 datex Ohmeda Refubished
Anasthesia work station Rs. 2,40,000-00
_Cautery Machine-Electro care with
2 forceps Rs. 45,000-00
_ Sterilizer 16 x 24 Cylindrical 79 ltr.
Capacity ss Rs. 2,20,000-00
_ Providing preparatory room for
operation Rs. 2,50,000-00
_ Intensive care unit for Post-operation Rs. 75,000-00
Total 13,25,000-00

Services of Surgeons will be voluntary or Mount Rosary hospital will take care of it.

9. Obstetrics and gynecology department :

Women from villages come in quite a number to our hospital because of sisters care. Besides we have two qualified nurses and a midwifery experienced nurse. If we open gynecology department, not only Hindu women will come but also Muslims who are in great number will frequent. We are already in contact with a midwifery doctor to help us in the project. We are hopeful of good collaboration. Facilities of Minor O.T. will be sufficient for Obstetrics and gynecology facility.

10. Total cost of the health programme :

_ Health education for prevention of diseases Rs. 2,10,000-00
_Diagnostic facilities to identify illnesses 6,25,000-00
_Providing a Minor O.T 13,25,000-00


11. Conclusion :

Mount Rosary Institutions is completing 75 years of its service on June 27, 2012. It will be a great act of gratitude to God for His blessings to people, in the above said Mount Rosary hospital projects are realized. We thank the donors for this generous help and Mount Rosary offers prayers of gratitude for their welfare.

Sr. Prescilla D’Mello
Mount Rosary Charitable Institutions
Alangar, Moodbidri – 574227 D.K.
South India.
Email ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Note: cheques may be sent in the name of “MOUNT ROSARY HOSPITAL” A/C. NO. SB 01015016 at CORPORATION BANK, ALANGAR BRANCH, MOODBIDRI-574227. D.K. SOUTH INDIA.
SWIFT CODE: corp in bb 133

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