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Food Price Inflation

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I have been living in Mumbai since 1985 and at that time, Beef was 16 rupees a kilo, sugar and rice were 3.5 a kilo.   Salaries were less, foreign exchange controls were in place,  Ownership housing was in control.    In 1990 rules of ecomony were changed under pressure from the west as our people were hankering for foreign goods, and US wanted to have a wider base for its markets, and we see where it has lead them today.  They are the net borrowers of China, who started to replace US as a manufacturing base for their corporate houses.

The wind blew to India as well, as MNCs were flooding India, salaries were sky rocketing, and BPOs and Call Centers were catering to foreign corporates, who were flooding India with their money, obviously an offshoot of their weapon industry fuelling their wars.     We got our Malls, wide roads and larger houses, real estate went zooming, the villagers were supposed to benefit, but they were commiting suicides, and the middle men were getting fatter, and fuelling funds to political parties, which is another result bringing out their scams, and Anna and Kejriwal shouting from roof tops.

Since money supply is being cornered, and rich people become richer, they decide what we pay.  Bhendi which cost Rs 8 now shoots up to Rs 80.   This phenomenon was discoered by BJP during their round, and tomatoes zoomed to Rs 40 but they brushed it under the carrpet.   Now which political honcho is benefitting we do not know, but those who stand to gain, will be pushing economic reforms to the back burner, by stalling legislation in the parliament, and everyone can see, who does it, and who gets the blame.   You decide.  Whichever way you go, you are the one who is paying the rich to get richer.   Unless you refuse to buy at the prices they dictate, and do with alternatives, and make the rich feel the pinch, there is no way out.   Vigilance is the price of your freedom, and choosing the right man to govern you is your responsibility, but the majority wins, and who is the majority ?   The illiterate masses, who can be swayed by propaganda   A sad story of a nation rising from suppression by Colonialists into freedom.

"The wholesale prices index rose 7.55 per cent annually in May, up from 7.23 per cent in April, as food and fuel prices rose 10.74 per cent and 11.53 per cent respectively last month, according to Indian government data released Thursday." James Fontanella-Khan in New Delhi   "the increase in food prices highlighted the dilemma that the Reserve Bank of India currently faces: If it cuts rates to boost growth it risks pushing up inflation; but if it leaves rates unchanged it could further depress the economy."   It is surprising that these intelligent and gifted analysts can not put their finger on the right cause.   They justify capitalism, and ignore its bad points.   No one is interested in JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS.   The same attitude drove the west to accept slavery to make profits, and gain new lands.    The same imperial instinct drives men to repeat what was done in the past, but in new clothing.   Beware of "wolves in sheeps' clothing"  unless the analysts have their hands  in the till.



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