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Hope for a Prosperous New Year

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2012 ended with gloom and anger all over our country, and we hope the coming year will bring fresh hope, which will invigorate our stalwarts, and bring semblance of peace and tranquility.   Our stalwarts, though capable, often get weak-kneed when they have to confront insurmountable resistance from the opposite side.   We have on one side, elites well heeled and funded and groomed in the finesse of modern life, and on the other side, we have the backward sections of society, deprived of education, livelihood, and shelter.   The two face each other and the volcano can erupt anytime.   It has been said, that in the past, revolutions have taken place due to class differences.   We not only have difference in classes, but it goes deeper, with caste differences, which are deliberately, preserved by the well to do, to preserve their domain of superiority.   This leads to a love - hate relationship between classes and castes.   There are many who try to bridge the divide, but equally, there are others who would like to see the status quo, to preserve their previleges.

When the lower classes, and castes gain a foothold, in the upper echelon, the well esconced privileged class gets annoyed and resists their climb, and this engenders anger among the disadvantaged sections.   All this gets compounded, when in addition, you have a psychologically deranged mind, which seeks revenge in undoing the well to do section, and the only way they know is brute force.   In a society, that lives on graft and corruption, these warning signals get lost.   Perhaps that is why Ram Singh got on the driver's seat of a bus of someone who owned the vehicle, but was not shrewd enough to recognize the danger of hiring a man like this without knowing his antecedents.

When the protectors of the public get too cozy with the moneyed classes, you leave a loop hole, and do not recognize when the volcano will erupt.   Thus on 16th December, the whole nation was rudely woken to the real state of affairs.    In the process of finding answers, we will have the same political bickering and back sliding, and delay. Two sessions of parliament were lost, and now the same people have woken, that they want to work, in order to get the matters solved, lest they be the ones who will carry the burden in 2014.

Let us hope that in the coming year, good sense will prevail, and parliamentarians, will seriously work to solve the nation's problems, and leave their personal bickering behind in 2012. Let the worthy party get the power in 2014 and let everyone show, if they are that party.   We shall wait and see their performance on Door-Darshan Lok Sabha channel.


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