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Happy Republic Day

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Certain days of the year, remind us of our past history, but the meaning sometimes evades our intelligence, as it is coated with our preconvceived notions of justice, right and wrong and undertanding of the intentions of others whom we did not have the previledge of knowing personally, and deeply.   Looking at ourselves, and the way we react, we can presume the pressures that may have been exerted on those, whose judgements created situations, from which there was a very narrow passage to escape the situatation one found to be hemmed within.    We ourselves are not same, and have not come out through circumstances which we equal, but each has been placed in this world, some rich, some deprived, and some foresaken.    How would each one react to the same stimulus ?  You can imagine, why we react differently, and why the idea of tolerance is an absolute necessity, if we have to survive as a community of human beings.   It is obvious, that the goal is hard to attain, from the reports of current violence and intolerance that we hear, and see.   We know the right path, but our emotions will not allow us to choose it.   Thus the law of nature will take its own course, and as it has been said before, Truth will Prevail in the end.    In the past, great and powerful empires faded away, with their own weight and follies, and the poor and lowly were given a chance to breath again.   But again, the rich, greedy, and powerful among the ones left behind, plotted and planned the downlfall of the gentle ones, and replaced the regimes but only to find themselves in the fate of the empires.   There is no way out of this embroglio.   The only way out is: "Love thy neighbour as thyself"   "Forgive those who hurt you"   "Show the other cheek, when one strikes your face"    -   To to arrogant ones, these may be ideas of the foolish one, or the weak one.  Yes, it was his idea, whom they found to be a thorn in their flesh, who would have toppled their dreams, so they had to eliminae him, and since they did not want to soil their own hands with his blood, they used devious ways, and made someone else do the job, and that they did by blackmail.    Wonderful specimens of the human race.   All know what the outcome was.   His followers are still around us, and now there are others bent on eliminating them, but how long ?   When will we learn, that the advice is not for one group, alone but for the whole human race, and for its survival.   One  can understand and express his belief in the Supreme Being as apprears most reasonable to him, and the Supreme Being will not be offended, but some here below may be irked when they do not do as they do.

Whether we like it or not, the sun will set, and new day will dawn, years will follow years, and we shall be getting older and older and fade away ourselves, and hope our children will see better days, and they at least will see the light of Truth and see better days.

Let us be thankful, for the freedom we have to call the land we live on, as our own.    It was, and then it was not.   Hope our follies will not lead it to a day, when the future generations will have to forego this freedom once again.   So, can we start practicing tolerance now, and be less harsh with our opinions of one another atleast beginning this day ?

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