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Passing of Time

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Time moves on, and people get older by the day.   One who is 80 today, was a child when Hitler came to power in Germany, and a few years before that, the first world war had ended, and with it all the monarchies of Europe.   

After 100 years, we have seen so many changes that have come over the world, and the bigotry and crookedness of politicians has become bared, and one would wonder how they were one hundred years ago.  It is doubtful, that nature has changed that much.  They would have been as bigoted and crooked then as they are today, but were more polished in their demeanor than it is today.  They are more blatant, and also more foolish in betraying themselves as the media has been given extra tools and mediums to broadcast their messages, within a few minutes of the event unfolding, you find them out there shouting from the roof tops, with a right that has been declared as universal, and that is freedom of speech which was not there one hundred years ago, but the Creator of our natures had already implanted it in us, from the beginning, and He had not put any breaks.   
It was the rich and powerful, who had denied this right to the public, and once the power was curbed with the ending of the monarchies, ordinary humans were allowed to take the reigns of power, but this came at a price, and the representatives of the people had to be beholden to those money bags who gave them funds, and expected a quid pro quo once they gained the power. This has become more glaring with the passing of time, and now we can figure out, why the changes which came after these wars, dismantling of colonialism with strings attached, leaving behind irritants for the next generation, had always had a reason, which was not openly visible as things unfolded.

Today, kids who were born the other day, have matured  and have found a voice to speak out their ideas, which are as deep as their age.   Wisdom, grows always with age, and as we are confronted with newer and newer situations.   By the time, we have come to know or guess the reasons behind all these unheavals, there are no one available to listen to these findings, as younger minds always are not easily penetrated.   So, they too will grow, and learn, and it will be quite late by then, as things will have become worse, and new upheavals have to bury the debris, and fresh minds will have to take over and start the game all over from the scratch.

When one feels low, and helpless, we should remember, that we will be out of this place and allow others to take our place and feel the same helplessness.   If we remember, that our Creator knows all that is happening, and knows how to bury the past and build a new and fresh civilization, with the fresh minds of the young who are yet to come on the scene.   They will hunt the cyberspace and may find the good things that are still left behind, and will figure out what is good for them, and what is not.   Let us continue to build the good as much as we can, and leave all the rest to the Creator.    Perhaps this website may still linger on, if those who come after me, find it has some things good, that they would like to hold on to it.

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