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The Individual and Society

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The individual human being is a composite of physical and spiritual qualities.   Though many may be of a view that the being has evolved from a lower animal, into an intelligent animal, the structural system of the human being is so elaborate, with specific functions and aims of each and every organ, and set to produce new life with the assistance of another human being of the opposite gender, it looks improbable that he is a product of evolution, without the help of a Primary Cause.   Such an elaborate system can not be attributed to chance, when we see the whole universe, is a set of complementary objects, working in a systematic order, and that too, for generations, and in the known period of history, no new variations have been observed, like new beings having evolved from existing beings.   

Human being is a thinking being, which feature is not found in any other creature, and that has lead to the concept of a Prime Cause, for ages.  Each age, and geographical groups, have produced thinkers, in the ancient civilizations and all have stipulated a Supreme Being, being the originator of the universe, but this has also produced a belief, that if the universe is a system, and the human being is a part of that system, it has to work and exist within the system, for the good of the whole.  Thus rules of living with one another have been formulated by different civilizations, and have worked quite well, until recent times, when atheism has taken a front space in the thinking of men.  

When the new world, was discovered by Columbus, a rush to prospect the new areas gained popularity in the west, which was embedded in the values of Christianity for nearly 1500 years.   At the end of this period, a rift occured in the society, and thus values were questioned, and around the seventeenth century, rationalists and materialists gained support from the trading classes, and elements opposed to the monarchic system of governance and ecclesiastical control.   With the spread of these ideas, gradually the grip of religion over people weakened, and values of integrity and truth were devalued, and greed, vice and corruption gained upper hand.   

This trend vitiated the western minds, which had entered into other regions for trade, and began corrupt practices, and people revolted, and the solutions that were set to change the trend, itself had loopholes.

The eastern societies, who had developed in the traditional system of joint families, strict religious ethos, started giving way to the greed of the western entreprenurs  and thus began to give in to the temptation of joining hands with these forces which lead to a dichotomy in the east as well.  With each new generation, the drift became more and more, till in the 20th and 21st centuries, this dichotomy has become so pronounced that reverting to old values is an uphill task.   

The ruling class, finds benefits in the western idea of making money, while it also wants to retain the traditional pattern, but the younger generation tend to give it lip service, and indulge in duplicitous games, and this leads to imbalance, and dilemma for those who propose to govern, until, the people to have to be governed, will be so rebellious and irreverant, that all efforts may proove futile.

Thus it is important to understand what the Individual is and what are his chances for survival.   One sees crowds at gatherings, but it is not the society, but a clutter of individuals, with divergent views.   As the previous generation had learnt, that a society holds individuals in a stable atmosphere, where one can grow and mature.   But when a society becomes a crowd then it becomes anarchic.   To instill these social values, efforts have to be made, but constantly, one has to tackle the opposition who is reluctant to let go the benefits of corrupt practices.   One wonders what the final outcome will be in a global society, where influences move freely through cyberspace and media influencing the minds of people. 

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