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Organ Interludes

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After years of trial, in or around 1200 the first pipe organ was manufactured and used for Church Service, and talented musicians came on the scene, the first being Giovanni Palestrina, who experimented with harmony, and came out with beautiful compositions.  Even after the breakup of the reformation, there were gifted musicians on both sides, and Bach was from the Lutheran denomination, and many more from the Catholic Church, among whom, were Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn, Schubert etc.  Unfortunately, these faded away, after the first world war, and the last was Giuseppe Verdi, who passed away in 1904.

Music of these composers was used as interludes during Church services, until the Council of Vatican II, changed the liturgy into vernacular languages, and Latin was relegated to the back burner.

Being from the pre Vatican II era, I am still attached to the music of the past, and offer it to those, who still yearn for it.

Hear the MP3 music by clicking on the Play Button

Interlude Composer Play
Andante Haydn
Beethoven Andante Beethoven  
Angelus Wachs
Ave Verum Mozart  
Benediction Khulau  
Chorale Letocard  
Offertoire Boyer  
March F.. Schbert  
Largo G.F.Handel
Lento Rick
Solemn March G.F.Handel  


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