Chenna - Mawa

Glossary - Animal Derivatives


 For time out of mind, the people of the Indian sub-continent have preserved their fresh milk by making it into fresh cheese. They call this cheese Paneer. They also preserved their milk by concentrating it over heat and mixing it with creams and sweets. These products are called Khoa and Chenna. Over centuries, Indian cooks have developed a cuisine which depends on these native cheeses and dairy products.

Chenna is a crumbly, moist form of Paneer.

 The making of traditional milk products has essentially been a cottage scale enterprise. Within the basic process for their production, variations exist from one unit to another that give products their distinctive touch, taste and flavour. Now, technologies for industrial manufacture of these products are being standardized to meet different situations and conditions. Process details for various milk products are given in this section that focus on practices that are largely followed or are under development.


See also Khoya - Mawa

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