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 Walter J. Pais.

Born in 1934, to Mr John Boniface Pais and Stella Castelino, in Mangalore, I studied at Milagres School from 1940 to 1948 and moved to St. Aloysius College in 1949.

My early years in Mangalore brought me in contact with the Jesuit Fathers, and I learnt music from them, and moved on to expand this knowledge over the years - this experience has shown me that God has his own ideas than what we have at each stage of our life.

Among my siblings I have a Jesuit brother who has been a missionary and died in 2013 of cancer and a sister who had been a nun in Sisters of Charity.  She has gone to her heavenly reward in 2009..  My eldest brother Joseph died rkecently.  So too my dear ones have gone one by one.  May they all rest in peace.

In married life, I have been blessed with a special gift from God, in my wife Leola, and my five children, two boys and three girls,  who are my wealth.   I do not count it in money, but in relationships, which enrich our lives.    They are now grown up, and I am glad to see  the lovely faces of our grand children, in whom so many of my dreams are reflected.

After  working abroad in the Gulf for a long time I came back to Mumbai in 1985 and started composing music for the Church, and conducted a polyphonic choir in my parish, for seven years.

In 2000 I suffered a stroke and in 2005 underwent a heart surgery.  These illnesses made me home bound and during this time I used my experience and talent to do something unusual.  I learnt the HTML language and developed this website, which was later upgraded by my son in law.

I have tried to share my experiences and knowledge with my fellowmen, with the hope that they will find some use for it.   You may be surprised that I have been having a bad eyesight from the age of 23 and had to have corneal transplants.  In spite of these obstacles, I feel that God has been by my side to help me do all this.   I am grateful to Him for this chance.

In October 2012 I moved to Goa with my family and feel that I have gone back to the roots, the land of our ancestors.    Indeed it is a great blessing to touch this soil.  Now at 82 I am looking at life with great emotion and nostalgia remembering all the - paste and how I absorbed their dreams, not knowing how much they loved us.  It is too late to tell them that.

All I ask in return is that you remember me and my family in your prayers and come back often to visit this website.

Thank You.

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