Jossie Arthur

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"JOSSIE traces the unpredictable destiny of Talent. It is a biography set in small-town Mangalore, India of the 1920s and 30s and subsequently in Mumbai. The story’s protagonist, Jossie Arthur, a bohemian character of immense talent splices together opposing cultures in both cities, causing ripples among the groups and individuals with whom he interacted. The path of his own strange destiny becomes the subject of this true-life story. For a decade or two, he can be said to have revolutionised the musical taste and culture of Mangalore of the 20s and 30s, his string trio melding the serious and traditional with the light and playful to become a rage of his time. With his iconoclasm and his magnetic personality he strove to smash some of the narrow walls that divided the religious communities of that time, particularly among the Protestants and the Catholics, two groups with diametrically opposing cultures."

As we grow, we come across many people who influence our way of thinking, and Mr. Jossie Arthur was one of them.   In spite of weak health, he had the inner strength to motivate others.   At the time of his death, I was in the hospital, undergoing my corneal transplant.   He leaves a void, but he has left behind a treasure trove in his children, and here is his eldest son, Ivan, who reached the top of the ladder in the corporte sector.   If you click on the link above under Source, you will go to learn more of this wonderful father of his, Jossie Arthur.

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