Rice Pancake with Jaggery

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1  cup  Raw Rice  -  soak in hot water for 2 hours
1/2  cup  jaggery syrup
1/2  cup  cooked rice
1/2  cup  grted coconut
1/2 tsp  Jeera (cumin seeds)
1 1/2  tbsp  coconut slices/bits.
A  few sliced shallots, (bulbs of the onion leeks)
some cashew nuts
some raisins,

little baking soda
salt to taste
1 bowl coconut or plain water
2 tbsp  cooking oil


Grind soaked raw rice, the cooked rice, grated coconut and  jeera, into a thick batter.   While grinding add the coconut  water or plain water.  When the batter is ready, add the
baking soda, salt and jaggery syrup.   Mix well.   Batter should be smooth and flowing easily from the spoon. 

Heat oil in a pan,  when it turns hot, drop the coconut slices in the pan, and fry till they turn brown. Take the pieces from the pan and keep them aside.    Fry the cashewnuts next
when browned, take them out and keep them aside    Fry the raisins the same way and keep them aside.   Fry the shallot pieces the same way.   When browned, put the flame off, and
take the shallots and take them out.   

After half an hour of keep the batter aside, add the come of fried coconut slices and other ingredients fried and kept aside. Mix them well in the batter.    Heat oil in the same pan,
and pur the batter mixed with fried ingredients.   Cook with closed pan, on slow fire for five minutes, and then add rest of the fired ingredients into the batter cover the pan, and cook
for 20 minutes.   By inserting a toothpick, see if the batter is cooked or not.   If it comes out clean, put off the stove and allow it to cool.  

Take the pancake, in a serving dish to serve.


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