Mangalore: Konkani Natak Sabha

W.J.Pais Food for Thought - The Konkan Coast

A programme was held to mark the 66th anniversary of the Konkani Natak Sabha at Don Bosco Hall on Sunday September 20. 2012

Konkani Natak Sabha has been promoting Konkani drama, several programmes and Konkani artists  through its stage at Don Bosco Hall, Mangalore.    In the early years, Mr. Simon Rasquinha and his brother John Rasquinha were in the forefront of the drama movement, with the help of Fr. Philip Neri and Fr. George Albuquerque s.j.   In recent times,the hall has witnessed programmes by popular cine artists  as well as great musicians.
Fr. Philip Neri, of the Capuchin friars, was the first chaplain of the Sabha and worked hard  for promoting Konkani dramas
Fr Peter Cyprian D’Souza, is the current president of the Konkani Natak Sabha,

In order to keep the young people of today informed of the past and to keep the fervor alive in them, it would be nice, if the Sabha had a website, to promote their events, and spread information about their activities.   I searched for it, but in vain.  In the articles available on line, no mention is made of any website of this Society, which deserves one.   Hopefully, someone will take a note of this and inform the organizers of the same.


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