Potato Poori

Poonam Pais-Zaveri Mangalore - Goa - Breads


Quantity Measure Ingredients Description:
1 Tablespoon Sugar, Table For potato mash
100 Grams Ghee To beat with sugar
400 Grams Flour, Maida - (Refined) For dough
  As Required Salt for potato mash and pooris.
200 Grams Potatoes                             Boiled, peeled and mashed
1 Teaspoon Chilly Powder, Red For potato mash
  As Required      Cooking Oil For frying


Beat sugar and 100grammes ghee well, then add flour little at a time and mix well.  Knead  well with salt and water required to make a  soft dough. Boil potatoes, peel and mash well, add chilly powder salt to taste and sugar.

Take small lumps of dough and roll into thin round pooris.  Place in the center of this a lump of potato mash and fold the edges to the centre, then place each of them on a rolling board, dusted with dry flour and roll each into a thin poori.

Heat in a pan, some cooking oil and deep fry the pooris well after the oil has been heated up properly.    Remove them when they are fully fried, with a perfoorated ladle and place them in a basket, lined with kitchen towels.

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