Ren’s Pan-Broiled Steak:

Other Regions - American/British


Quantity Measure Ingredients Description
1 Kilogram Beef - Steak cut 1-1/4 inch thick
Half Teaspoon Pepper Corns Freshly ground black pepper
Two Tablespoon Thyme Leaves minced
Two Tablespoon Cooking Oil For greazing palms, knives, etc



Pat the steak dry. Coat one side of the steak with half the pepper and half the thyme, pat the seasonings into the meat.  

Coat a plate with one tablespoon of the oil and place the steak, seasoned side down, on the plate.  

Pat the remaining pepper and thyme into the top side of the steak and coat lightly with the remaining one tablespoon of oil.

Set the steak aside for 30 minutes.  

Use a paper towel to very lightly coat the surface of a ridged or plain cast-iron skillet (- A shallow, long-handled pan used for frying food. Also called skillet, also called regionally fry pan, spider.) with vegetable oil.

 Heat the pan until the oil coating begins to smoke. Place the steak in the pan and cook until seared and nicely browned on one side, about five minutes.

 Turn the steak and cook for five minutes more for medium rare or six minutes for medium.  

Transfer the steak to a cutting board and let it rest for five minutes.  While the steak is resting make the pan sauce, if desired.  

Carve the steak into one half inch thick slices and serve.

Serves three to four.  \

Pan Sauce: When steak is removed from pan, pour off fat and turn heat to medium-high.  
Add one half cup beef broth or one-fourth cup beef broth with one-fourth cup red or white wine and bring to a boil, scraping up the brown bits clinging to the bottom of the pan.  

Boil until liquid is reduced by half, about four minutes. Strain sauce, season with salt and pepper, if desired and pour over the steak.

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