Fuggias - East Indian Bread

Bombay Specials - Bombay Specials


Quantity Measure Ingredients
0.5 units Coconut - fresh.
2 units Eggs - Chicken
1000 Grammes Flour, Maida - (American Pillsbury)
1 Teaspoon Sugar
1 Tablespoon Yeast - fresh


Knead the Maida (wheat flour) well with coconut juice, sugar and add the beaten eggs and yeast. The dough should be thick and light enough to form balls. Leave in overnight to rise well.

Next day pour enough cooking oil in a deep frying pan, When the oil is boiling, drop the fugia bolls in the oil. (To form the balls, grasp some dough with the left hand and squeeze it through the thumb and the fore finger.)

When the Fuggias have browned in the hot boiling oil, remove with the perforated ladle.

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